Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas! We have had a nice day celebrating with Matt. He moved into an apartment in Logan earlier this month but came to spend the night with us Christmas Eve and Christmas day. We watched Mr. Kruegar's Christmas which is a tradition. Loren made cucumber and roastbeef pita sandwitches for Christmas eve. Today we just relaxed and watched it snow outside. The last time we measured we had 3 inches. That's on top of several other inches. It's been snowing all week and more is to come. Matt got snow shoes for Christmas and had to try them out. Loren and I got a GPS for our car and are anxious to go somewhere so we can try it out. We really needed it in October when we traveled to California for Will's birth. Speaking of Will; our first grandson was born Oct. 8th in Glendale, California. We feel so blessed that he is growing and doing better. He is still on the heart monitor but the alarms are going off less and he is learning to breath on his own. Lucy is growing and is so cute and smart. She told me "HI" on the phone today. She also says "peas" (please) when she wants more "puffs" her favorite snack. We are so happy this Christmas for our family. Nancy will be here from Ohio on Sunday. Buff came last Sunday and Albert is coming for New years.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Matt has been working full-time at Pioneer Valley Lodge and is enjoying it and learning lots. He is the "Supper" Chef. Pioneer Valley is an assisted living retirement center. It is very nice. Matt loves to cook and is always trying new things. He serves about 100 residents daily. In the picture he is standing in front of a fancy dessert buffet he made with his co-workers. He made the cream puff swans. If you look close you can see them on a silver tray just to his right. We are very proud of him.

Matthew the Chef